Don’t Worry, Be Merry!

Did you know? Today is the International Day of Happiness!

In case you should be feeling the opposite of happy: stop right here. Take a break, calm down. Breathe. Think. What would make you happy?

Then go and do something about it. Pick one thing. It can be tiny. But it might make all the difference and kickstart your feel-good mood.

It’s all up to you, you know. As Aristotle said: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Make Your Own Urban Spring Garden

Winter has been fun, but it had its time now and we’re impatient for longer days, warm sunlight, and fresh bursts of green.

There is something we can do while anticipating balmier days: get ready with our own small garden!

Gardening is often said to be elaborate, time consuming, and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The simplest garden can be achieved with a few seeds, a tiny bit of soil, and a small pot, repurposed mason jar, or tin can put on the windowsill. While you may want to work up to a serious English rose garden, or a full-fledged urban veggie farm, you can start with a single peppermint or oregano plant, or a flower, and work your way up gently. Oh, and don’t forget the watering!

This video by Dominique Lutz is a great inspiration, illustrating just how much a little life makes a grey concrete and steel city instantly better livable, and a little magical.