Recipes to deplete your root cellar reserve in one week (or at least try…)

Need new inspiration for winter veggies? Here you go!

Adventures in Local Food

The reality of being a twenty something these days is that things often tend to be fairly up in the air, “lets see what happens”, non-committal.  Some might (and do) call this being a big ol’ flake, but reality is it can be hard to plan ahead and make commitments when even where you’ll be living in a few months is uncertain.

Recently I celebrated my one year anniversary of being in my current house. The first time I’d accomplished such a feat in almost 10 years. This was pretty good. Feeling pretty confident it my new-found settledness, I took the next logical step. I joined the EAC’s community root cellar. Because, well, the idea of having a root cellar is pretty damn cool.

Soring carrotssquash

In the fall, as part of the root cellar group, I ordered apples, leeks, potatoes, beets, carrots parsnips, squashes, and onions. Not really knowing how…

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