Only Radio Is the Farmer’s Friend

Meet Mallam Issa Salifu from a farming community near Nangodi, Ghana. Mr. Salifu farmers maize, millet and fish. He says his companion is his radio from morning
till he sleeps.

Radio has helped him very much ever since Radio Gurune started broadcasting in his local language about 4 year ago.

He said: “We have  farmland all around the red Volta river, where sometimes we get floods and all my farms are washed away. But, the radio gives me information about farming techniques. I changed the type of maize I was sowing to a short maturing variety, and last season I had a good harvest. So, my family will feed on this harvest till the next farming season. I also provide fish for making soup and what is left, I sell in order to provide for other needs of the family.”

Standing by the tree where he dries fish to feed his family, Mr. Salifu is full of praise for the initiators of the radio programmes. He says they should continue because only radio is the farmer’s friend.

This story is told by Lydia Ajono from Bolgatanga, Ghana. Learn more about the Ghana Community Radio Network here.

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